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Holistic treatment for the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Our treatments are designed for individual needs and provide optimal conditions for emotional and body healing.

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  • Thank you for a super hot stone treatment. It was the first time that I experienced it, and it was absolutely wonderful. The aspect of the hot stone treatment that stood out for me was the heat of the stones that penetrated the body as you did the massage. I highly recommend it. I felt very relaxed and energised. - Hansraj
  • I loved the way you spoke about everything before and after the treatment. I certainly enjoyed the feedback and information you were telling me. Something that I know is a bit more neglected from other Reiki experiences I have heard from friends of mine. I feel wonderful after the treatment. Afterwards went home and I felt a bit emotional but that soon passed. My sleep last night was just so soothing and I had great dreams. This morning I feel whole, very pleased with the treatment and I certainly feel a difference! Thank you so so much! I am also very interested in doing the course as soon as possible. - Lian
  • I have known Dhani for three years, and for those three years I have known he is always there for me, sensitive, generous-hearted and available. He has taught me all I know about Reiki, while I know he knows a great deal more than this too. I look forward to my Master’s training with him, which I know will be a rich experience.
  • Dhani introduced me to the art of Reiki many years ago and he has been my preferred therapist since. My first session with Dhani was a revelation for my body, mind and spirit and he has maintained the standard set by that first divine experience. Whether it is a standard Reiki session that you are looking for, or a combination of therapies like Reiki with chakra alignment, I recommend Dhani as first choice.
  • Reiki is a wonderful practice for anyone interested in spiritual growth and physical well-being, it places one in a tranquil new life experience. I had the very good fortune to study for Level Two Reiki and also completed my Reiki Master's Level with Dhani of Rainbow Therapies. Dhani is a delightful, sympathetic and attentive teacher. The work notes are of a high standard, providing the student with in-depth research from Dhani. Class discussions are lively and can often lead one to great levels of spiritual awareness. At the end of the course one is presented with a comprehensive manual and also a certificate! I am grateful to Dhani for having lead me on a life changing experience.