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For those wishing to learn Reiki for healing and self development, I run courses to all levels. I only take one or two people at a time to focus on personal attention. Reiki cannot be learned from a book. It is the attunement from a Reiki Master which enables the student to channel Reiki energy and requires ongoing self development in the form of self treatments and treatments on others.

Reiki Training is in three stages (Level I, Level II and Masters Level) is recommended that several months elapse between each one to allow yourself to develop the energy. The training for Reiki I and II take place on two consecutive days usually on a Saturday and Sunday. During the training for these two levels you get a comprehensive manual and you will get the opportunity to practice the techniques taught. You will give and receive at least one Reiki sessions as part of the training. After successful completion of the training you receive your certificate. It is an inspiring two days filled with information, discovery, fun, and lots of practice. The training for the Masterโ€™s level takes place over 12 sessions.

Reiki Info

I welcome you into an ever-growing group of people who wish to use Reiki to help with their own healing and self-development, and to help others. In taking your first step to learn Reiki, you set out on a personal voyage, which will bring you great joy. We are fortunate to be part of an era of spiritual awakening.

There is no doubt that there is a rapidly growing awareness and acceptance of the Holistic nature of Complementary Therapies. The word Holistic comes from the Greek word โ€˜holosโ€™ meaning whole and Reiki is a truly Holistic Therapy, treating the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.